Black Mesh Laundry/Gym Bag 36" Wide x 24" Deep – Troyer Products
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Black Mesh Laundry Bag 36" Wide x 24 Deep – Package Quantity – 1

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Black Mesh Laundry Bag 36" Wide x 24" Deep • Our Black Mesh Laundry Bag is 36" Wide x 24" Deep with a sewn in drawstring. The Black Mesh is strong enough to hold a heavy load but it allows air to flow through so your clothes don't become stale smelling. This would also be a great beach bag! The mesh would let any sand fall through so you don't end up with a mess in your car. Another use for this would be as a sports gear bag. Kids football tackle gear or soccer, baseball or softball equipment could be easily transport from home to the field and kept in one place so nothing gets lost or forgotten.
  • Made in the USA!!
  • Extra strong draw string
  • Great for a day at the beach
  • Works well as a large sized gym bag
  • Can be used as a athletic gear bag
  • Mesh allows sand or dirt to fall through
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